About Us

There are two ways that a news magazine or a blog spot specifically catering to the news niche can be successful. One is to have a team of reporters based in different countries around the world and depend on feeds from news agencies. The other is to have bloggers and contributors writing in from around the globe on news that can range from the earth shaking to the interesting.

At newspak.net, we have chosen the second route. We don’t have our reporters, we depend on you the blogger to feed our blog site. This is why we invite contributions from those in love with writing while simultaneously having a penchant for sniffing out news that to the common man apparently does not exist at all. We would like to call our contributors as citizen reporters – people who might not be trained in journalism but will write in to us on information that is worth spreading to others.

What can you focus on? We say nothing specific – any going-on in your neighbourhood that you feel should be reported. Examples are sporting events, cultural events with an admired pop icon or social events. If you are an expert in any field such as electronics and tech gadgets, you can send us your analysis of the latest devices that are available in the market, along with their features and specifications. This will definitely be of immense help to our readers.

Here are some suggestions that can help you start off. Apart from sports and politics and tech gadgets, you can send us articles that are generic in nature. Take tourism – was your last holiday at a remote location yet untouched by a lot of human footfalls? Have you recently attended a concert where a relatively unknown performer has taken the stage by storm and you feel that the world should know more about him/her? These are some of the off-beat stories that we are looking for.

There is no limit to news stories. Our only condition is that it should be related to this specific niche.