Latest Engagement Ring Styles and Trends

Marriages it is said are made in heaven, but if the union is to be cemented on earth, it all has to start with an engagement ring. This band symbolises that the person wearing it is engaged to be married and is a gift from the proposed spouse. It is a symbol of a formal agreement by two people to a future marriage. The ring is worn till the time the marriage takes place when it is taken off to be replaced by the wedding ring. After marriage, the engagement ring is put back on, usually on the outside of the wedding ring. Some brides even opt to have their engagement and wedding rings permanently soldered together.

Since it is a symbol of the start of a lifelong relationship, it is necessary that you should buy one for your fiancée that is in line with the latest styles and trends. Spend some time researching what the movers and shakers are wearing to get an idea of what is in and what is not. Preferably, visit a reputed and large jewellery store in your city to view engagement ring collection and get an idea of what is trending and in demand.

Here are a few of the latest engagement rings styles and trends prevailing today.

Solitaire Engagement Ring

As the name suggests, it is a single diamond or any other gemstone set into the ring. It is the most common type of engagement ring and has been an iconic symbol of commitment down the ages. This is one setting that will never go out of fashion and is still the much-preferred choice today. Solitaire has an extraordinary simplicity and dazzling beauty about it and is ideal for making a bold statement about a future relationship while retaining the classic look. The advantage of a solitaire engagement ring is that you can bank on it when you are not sure of what to buy since it is an all time favourite. Further, since it is one stone only, you can define your budget quite easily, starting from the moderate to a high priced stone depending on the 4Cs.

Pink Diamond Engagement Ring

Pink diamonds are very rare and expensive and ideal for an engagement ring, and an eternal favourite as the colour stands for romance and commitment. To be sure that you are buying an authentic stone, insist on paperwork issued by either Gemmological Institute of America or the International Gemmological Institute. The main factors to look for when purchasing a pink diamond engagement ring are hue, tone and saturation. The colour ranges from faint pink to the much darker and denser purple-pink.

Pear Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

A pear shaped diamond engagement ring is an excellent alternative if you are tired of seeing the usual solitaires and square cut engagement rings and want something unique for your loved one. This style is very popular today because the “teardrop” shaped diamond ring looks more prominent than the conventional diamond cuts of the same carat because of its elongated design. Further, there are many styles and combinations of stones that you can complement with the central pear-shaped diamond. The large number of cuts in each stone helps to hide flaws and you can get a bargain should you happen to have a limited budget to work on.

Black Diamond Engagement Ring

If it is exclusivity and uniqueness that you are looking for, follow the current trend of buying a black diamond engagement ring. These types of engagement rings are one of the rarest that you can get. Black diamond rings are ideal for the fashion conscious and those wanting to look elite and fashionable. The stones are not strictly black; it only has a dark greyish black hue caused by sulphate deposits in the stone. A black diamond engagement ring signifies power, passion, strength and authority.

These are some of the latest trends and styles in engagement rings today.