Reasons for Increase in the Demand of Laser Tattoo Removal

One of the things in life that simply cannot be wished away if you do not like it is tattoos. It is because by its very nature tattoos are meant to be permanently engraved on the body and if at a later stage in life you feel that you do not want it any more – well tough luck. However, technological innovations and advanced cutting edge methods and sophisticated tools have made dreams come true of many a tattoo addict who want to get rid of the art on their bodies.

Before going into the possible reasons for the need for tattoo removal and by default creating a great demand for laser tattoo removal equipment, it is necessary to know how these devices work. A tattoo is created by embedding indelible ink just below the dermis of the skin. Laser operated devices target the tattoo with an ultra-fast paced width of light that beats against the skin. The shock and vibration of the lasers break up the ink into very fine particles and these are disposed off by the lymph system and the body’s natural processes.

It is not a one–off session with candidates going home happy with a clear shin where a tattoo once was. In fact it is quite a complex procedure and might require anything between 8-12 sessions. Each time the remaining ink will be broken up again and this will continue till the tattoo is fully removed. Removing dense and detailed multi-coloured tattoos especially ones with fluorescent ink might even take 15-20 sessions of treatments.

Another factor that determines how fast a tattoo will be eradicated is the quality and operational efficiency of the tattoo removal laser IPL machine being used. Ones that incorporate the latest laser technologies are more efficient and offer relatively painless tattoo removal when compared to the ordinary ones. In Australia, the top performing tattoo removal laser operated equipment is imported and distributed by Universal IPL. They are the industry leaders in Australia in this field and source their supplies from the best manufacturers of such devices in the world. Leading beauty clinics and cosmetic surgery establishments in the country buy from them.

While the fad even now is having a tattoo, there are also many reasons why people are having them removed. The first is the job scenario. In a study conducted in the US recently, 61% of HR managers have said that a visible tattoo impacts their minds adversely about the competence of the candidate. Some people even do stupid things with tattoos. Engraving the name of a partner, embedding an anti-establishment slogan on the arm or having a tattoo with spelling mistakes are some of the instances that people regret later and want to have removed.

Tattoos are also removed when people mature and go into a different emotive setup altogether. The issues that fuelled the hippy culture and growth of flower children for example are no longer valid in today’s world. Tattoos that brought out the feminist movement and its passions led by Germaine Greer have lost its relevance and so has tattoos that replicated the feelings of that age. There are others that even want the old ones removed to create a new one over that space in keeping with modern times.

The reasons for tattoo removal are many and varied and totally depend on individual tastes and wishes. Ending on a lighter note, the words of Dr. Eddie Roos, dermatologist who is considered to be a master craftsman in the art of high power laser tattoo removal brings out the essence of the subject. He says, “Thirty years ago it must have been fashionable for young women to have marijuana leaves tattooed onto their breasts; we remove quite a few of those.”